Top Rated Garbage Disposal Installs

Top Rated Garbage Disposal Installs

Getting a new garbage disposal in your home can make your life easier but that’s only if it’s installed properly. This is a powerful piece of equipment that many people aren’t familiar with installing, which is why it’s so often done wrong by those without experience. To help make sure things go smoothly, always hire a plumber to help you. This is an inexpensive way to make sure you have peace of mind with the results so you can trust using your disposal for years to come.

How Installation Works

At Brooks Plumbing our contractors have experience with just about every type of plumbing project imaginable, including garbage disposal installations. When our clients call us to do this for them, the first thing we do is turn off the water and remove all the drain lines under the sink. Once we’re finished with that, we go through the steps that are necessary to get the disposal installed the right way. Many people don’t realize how many details are involved with this type of install, which is why our expertise is so important. We might do this work quickly, but that’s simply because of the years of experience we have.

Should You Hire a Plumber?

The truth is, installing something like this could very well be a “DIY” project you take on in your home. However, it’s not recommended because it could be dangerous, especially if the installation is done improperly. The last thing you want to do is risk your new disposal being ruined by improper installation and have to replace it with a brand new unit. Our team will save you time, save you frustration, and save you money by doing the job quickly, professionally, and properly.