What Our Customers Say

At Brooks Plumbing in Texas, we provide friendly trusted plumbing professionals.

“Brooks Plumbing is the only game in town as far as we’re concerned. John, the owner, and his staff provide wonderful customer service, always on time, and available 24/7. We highly recommend Brooks Plumbing services to anyone!”

Debra Burch

“Brooks Plumbing has made a tough situation as easy as anyone could ask for. From Wrangler who came to assess the issues to Juan and his crew actually replaced plumbing under slab all were professional and very meticulous. They left my yard in perfect condition. They guarantee their work. We even received a thank you card from the ladies at their office. There are a few companies that believe in earning your business. Brooks Plumbing is one of them! Can’t say enough good about them.”

Gerald Mcfarlin

“I needed an ice maker to be installed and so glad I chose Brooks Plumbing to do it! The technicians showed up quickly, explained what needed to be done and quickly got to work. I now have a functioning ice maker and a new plumbing company! Thank you so much Brooks Plumbing for a fantastic, quality experience.”

Erin Ragsdale

“Found Brooks through the Good Contractors List, and called them out for a water leak found out about through a huge utilities bill. They came out the same day to help fix the issue. The leak was under the foundation and very difficult to find, and at first they pinpointed an area in the garage. They performed a good deal of work replacing several lines in the garage, only to find that the work did not fix the leak. After continuing to troubleshoot, they finally found the real leak at the front of the house, and repaired it immediately. The reason for five stars even through they didn’t find the leak the first time? They owned the mistake and didn’t charge for the extra work they had to do. They only charged to repair the leak. The quality of the work was excellent, and the guys were friendly and open. I love finding a contractor who is fair and honest. I hope never to need a plumber, but if I do, it’s these guys I am going to call!”

Bobby Isaacs

“I called late this morning and they were out early afternoon. Same day service was great. They were very professional and it was a relatively simple job that they took care of quickly and affordably. I definitely recommend Brooks Plumbing and I will call again as needed.”

Michael Napier

“Overall great company to do business with, I highly recommend Brooks Plumbing to anyone!! They have an awesome staff and just all around great people!!”

Jacob Fargo

“Last Thursday every homeowners nightmare happened to us! Atmos Energy knocked on our door to tell us there was a gas leak and our gas was turned off (right before a holiday weekend!).

I called Brooks Plumbing as I have always had excellent service from them in the past. John the owner dispatched one of his teams to our home and they were there within a few hours and fixed the problem.

We were advised that City of Dallas was closed on Friday, but “not to worry, Brooks would take care of everything and you should be back on by Monday”.

I was admittedly skeptical…BUT…they got it done! They pull permits on Friday, came back early Monday to confirm all was still good, waited for Atmos to arrive and even turned all our systems back on as Atmos will not come in your home during COVID. We were back up and running by 1:00 PM on Monday!

The team from Brooks all wore masks while inside or in contact with us and were very clean and professional (as they have been in the past). I highly recommend Brooks Plumbing! Great job and Thank you!”

John Berczuk

“Love this place! They are upfront and HONEST!! and in this day and age that is a rare! They cleaned my tube drain and fixed my toliet all in a matter of 2 hours! they didn’t make me wait all day they actually came earlier than their scheduled time, which I was totally cool with ! THANK YOU BROOKS!!! Ya’ll rock!!!!!!!”

Angela Aurentz